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About Lakhimpur

An amazingly beautiful district, Lakhimpur is located in the North Eastern corner of Assam on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. Quite away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Lakhimpur is a place of green surroundings. Lakhimpur is primarily known for the growth of abundance of paddy. It is also one of the regions in Assam where the “muga silk” or golden thread fabric is grown prominently and for that reason the Lakhimpur district is known in Assam and in India.

Lakhimpur History and Geography

The name Lakhimpur has been derived from two words “Lakshmi” and “Pur”. ‘Lakshmi’ in Assamese is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity (paddy is also locally regarded as Lakshmi as the region is totally dependent on agriculture and paddy) while ‘Pur’ means ‘full’. Therefore the word, Lakhimpur means a place full of paddy or a place where paddies are grown abundantly.

Lakhimpur is taken as the first place where the invaders from the East first stepped in Brahmaputra. Earlier the Lakhimpur district was popularly known as the Lakhimpur Frontier Tract as it used to have several other districts of Arunachal Pradesh within its fold. After independence the district comprised of the present day Tinsukia district, Dibrugarh district and Dhemaji district with its headquarters located in Dibrugarh. In 1976 the Dibrugarh district was separated from Lakhimpur and later in 1989 Dhemaji was separated. Finally the Lakhimpur district was separated from other districts to make it a separate district.

The present day Lakhimpur is an administrative district of the state of Assam bordered by Dhemaji district and Subansiri River on the east, Gahpur on the western side, Arunachal Pradesh on the north and Majuli on south. The district of Lakhimpur covers an area of 2277 square kms and the headquarters of the district are located in North Lakhimpur.  The district has two sub divisions- Dhakuakhana and North Lakhimpur.

Lakhimpur Tourism

Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird SanctuaryLakhimpur is a place of unsurpassed scenic beauty. Nature is at its best here and the green landscape has all that one needs to see. Tourists will be mesmerized by the untouched scenic beauty of the place. There are many places to visit in Lakhimpur and the most important ones are the Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird sanctuary known for many species of birds here, the Pobha Wildlife Sanctuary created for the protection of the magnificent wild water buffalo, Moitry Ashram, an ashram with Gandhian philosophy maintained all by women, Leteku Pukhuri, the birth place of Sri Sri Madhab dev. Lakhimpur also has many thans and sattras located here. Thans and Sattras are Assamese places of worship. One can visit Maghnowa Doll, Madhavdev Than Rangajan, Belaguri Satra, Badala Satra, Phulani Than and Basudev Than. Around Lakhimpur one can visit Majuli Island and Arunachal Pradesh to get the view of the Eastern Himalayas and their beauty. Apart from that, the tea gardens and fish farms in Saijuli are worth viewing for their unmatched scenic beauty. One can always have a sight of the tea gardens and tea estates here.

Transport in Lakhimpur

Lakhimpur has a good transport network. The nearest airport to Lakhimpur is Lilabari airport located only 5 kilometres from the district headquarters. For road transport one can avail the facilities of Tourist and State Transport vehicles which are available to and from Lakhimpur. And for railways there is the Arunachal Express which runs between Lakhimpur and Guwahati. The railway station is situated in Nakari, just 2 kilometres from the town.

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