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Food of Lakhimpur

food of LakhimpurThe food of Lakhimpur offers one a platter comprising of traditional Assamese cuisines. The traditional cuisine of Lakhimpur is influenced by the local ingredients with the usage of less oil and spices. Food is cooked mainly boiled. People are fond of having fish and meat. A traditional meal of Lakhimpur has rice, khar, dal, meat, masor tenga (sour fish curry), aloo pitika, a vegetable dish, curd and pickle. After the food Tamul (betel nut, generally raw) and paan is offered. Rice, dal and vegetables are cocked in general ways as they are cocked anywhere else but there are some unique dishes that are cocked in Assamese food styles in Lakhimpur and they are:


“Khar” is a signature dish of Assam. Khar is prepared by filtering water through the ashes of a banana tree, which is called kola khar. Omita (papaya) khar is one major Assamese cuisine.

Aaloo Pitika

The very dear and tasty “Aloo Pitika” or mashed potatoes is another splendid cuisine for the people of Lakhimpur. Potato is boiled and then mashed with mustard oil, raw onions and green chilies to add to the taste.

Fish Curry

Fish is a very important cuisine for the people of Lakhimpur. Fish curry is made in different styles. Other than the normal fish curries, fish is also cooked with green vegetables and herbs like “bhedailota” and “Narasingha paat”.  Nevertheless the masor tenga or fish sour is an indispensable part of a proper Assamese meal. Needless to say that the “masor tenga” is a succulent fish curry cooked in Assam. “Masor tenga” is cooked in tomatoes, lemon, “thekera” (dried Mangosteen) and “Ou tenga” (Elephant apple).


People of Lakhimpur are also fond of meat dishes.The popular meat consumed in Lakhimpur includes that of chicken, mutton, duck, squab and venison.


Pithas are special food items which one will get in every household in Lakhimpur. Pithas are made of powdered rice, flour, sugar, salt, coconut and til. A special kind of rice preparations called the Til pithas or Narikol pithas are generally made on special occasions like Bihu.

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