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Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Pabha SanctuaryAlso known as Milroy Wildlife Sanctuary, the Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful sanctuary situated at  Lakhimpur district in Assam. The sanctuary has been created exclusively for the protection of the magnificent wild water buffalo. So the sanctuary is an excellent place to see and enjoy the rare and exotic Asiatic water Buffalo. The picturesque sanctuary with its green surroundings is sufficient to keep tourists bound here.

Area of the sanctuary

Situated on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra river, near the border area of Arunachal Pradesh, the Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary is spread on an area of 49 sq km. The climate in the sanctuary is that of tropical rainforest. The area is marked by humidity. Monsoon in the sanctuary is characterized by excessive rainfall.

Flora and Fauna of the Sanctuary

Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary has fair amount of flora and fauna.The topography of the Wildlife Sanctuary consists of the flood plains of the Brahmaputra river. The tract of the area is dominated by swampy and riverine vegetation. The sanctuary is the home to many important species of animals and birds. As the sanctuary has been created exclusively for the protection of the magnificent wild water buffalo so the wild water buffalo is the major attraction here. Once in the sanctuary you can have a glimpse of elephants, the wild water buffalo,and migratory birds.

When to visit the sanctuary

If you are planning to visit the sanctuary then a visit from November to April would serve fruitful.

How to reach the sanctuary

The sanctuary is easily accessible by airways, railways and roadways.

By Air: The nearest airport to Lakhimpur is Lilabari airport located only 5 kilometres from the district headquarters.

By Rail: For railways there is the Arunachal Express which runs between Lakhimpur and Guwahati. The railway station is situated in Nakari, just 2 kilometres from the town.

By Roadways:
For road transport one can avail the facilities of Tourist and State Transport vehicles which are available to and from Lakhimpur. Once in Lakhimpur one can hire auto rickshaws or travel by bus to reach the sanctuary.

Where to Stay near the Sanctuary

There are hotels located near the sanctuary where one can stay. You can have a pleasant stay at:

Hotel Malini
Address: KB road Lakhimpur, 787001
Phone: +91(3752) 22668 

Hotel Anupam
Address: Super market Complex,Lakhimpur ,787001
Phone: +91(3752)22510 ,43776     

Hotel Joya
Address: NT Road, Lakhimpur 787001
Phone: +91(3752)22156

Hotel Shyam
Address: Lakhimpur, 787001
Phone: +91(3752)-22694

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