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Pharmacies in Lakhimpur

pharmacy in LakhimpurAlthough there are only limited number of pharmacies in Lakhimpur, but they are a huge help to the people here. The pharmacies and chemist shops in Lakhimpur have in store all the important medicines required by the people. In case of any emergency people can always rely on these pharmacies and chemist shops located in Lakhimpur. In Lakhimpur online we have made a list of all the pharmacies located in Lakhimpur with detailed information about their address and contact number.

Chemist Shops in Lakhimpur

Maa Medical Hall
Address: Ward No.13, KB Road, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone: (03752) 245801
Mobile:  9854689465

Town Medical Hall
Address: NT Road, Town Banto, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 222765

Krishna Medicals
Address: Ward No.10, Saboti, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 234567

Kamlesh Medicos
Address: Ward No.1, Thakurbari Road, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 222732

Saha Medical Hall
Address: Bedeti Road, Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone: (03752) 263215

Nanak Medical Hall
Address: Ward No.6, Court Road, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 222055

Borah Drug Distributors
Address: Ward No.6, Panindra Road, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 243913

Patanjali Chikitsalaya
Address: Amarchand Ramprasad And Sons Complex, Ground Floor, NT Road, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone:  (03752) 222299

Health Care
Address: NT Road, Laluk, North Lakhimpur- 787001
Phone: (03752) 256386
Mobile: 9854005733

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