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Sri Sri Vasudev Than

Basudev ThanSri Sri Vasudev Than also known as the Narua Satra is a well known temple in Assam. Situated in Dhakuakhana, North Lakhimpur, the temple is one of the ancient temples of Assam. The temple is situated at Subansiri, a small place between Balahi Sampara and Saupara. Basudev than is a very important place of worship in Lakhimpur as devotees believe that prayers made in the temple always come true.

About Basudev Temple

Situated amidst lush greenery and covered by dense forest Sri Sri Basudev than covers an area of about 200 bighas of land. The temple was established by Damodar Aata, the grandson of Srimanta Shankardeva in the middle of 17th century. It is said about the temple that Rukmini had made the statue of lord Krishna, also known as Basudev, to find him as her husband. So the temple is also known as Basudev Than. It is believed by people that in the temple prayers are fulfilled by lord Basudev. 

Festivals in Basudev Temple

Many “bhaktas” and devotees offer prayers in the temple. Other than that Maghi purnima is celebrated every year in the temple. “Paal Naam” is organized during this time of the year. Another festival called the “Ramdhemali Gai” is celebrated in the temple. During this festival time animals are sacrificed in the temple premises.

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